Mark Dain Got a 3DS for my birthday! Probably going to get some games for Christmas but anything I should pickup for myself? Zelda and Mario are definitely on the list!
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Martijn I only owned a normal DS, but I think the 3DS is backwards compatible, so here goes. (Leaving off Square Enix stuff and Pokemon stuff, which is all great, but you probably know about those anyway.) * Ghost Trick is a puzzle solving game with a deep story line where you try to figure out the circumstances of your own death. * GoldenSun is number 3 in a series of great RPGs. * The World Ends with You goes completely its own way with the RPG genre. * Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime has you do things. I can't describe this one. But it was a huge time sink that I don't regret a minute of. Quirky and fun!
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Mark Dain Thanks I'll check them out after Christmas. In the meantime I picked up Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds; it's the remake/reboot of A Link To The Past that I played years ago on my SNES (I grew up playing that and an N64). It's a 3D overhead game which is interesting to see. It works really well, I'm quite surprised!
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