Mark Dain I tried but Linux but it's just not working out for me. There's too many bugs and it's a struggle to get almost anything to work properly. Maybe next year; it's a lot better now than it ever was!
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Eric Linux as a casual PC is always a struggle. Any installations of it I run have always been for specific purposes. (CrunchBang is the variation I use)
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🐞 Lucian Marin Maybe you should try Ubuntu Gnome if you are into Gnome 3 instead of Fedora. They do very stable releases while Fedora is more on the bleeding edge.
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😀 Tom Right now I'm running vanilla Ubuntu (Unity), and it's still buggy and crashes every so often. It's not so much that it will make me switch back to Windows, but I do want to try a different distro soon.
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Mark Dain Unfortunately most people with GNOME are horribly out of date. Most of the apps are only barely usable now. For example, stable GNOME Calendar can't do CalDAV but the next version (called California) can. There's a long list of problems, maybe I'll write them up at some point. Still keen to switch to Linux but maybe it'll be next year
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