Anatasof Wirapraja Installed Windows10 on MBPr, can't connect to wifi, the wifi driver is on the windows update and i don't have thunderbolt to gigabit ethernet adapter. jesus.
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Asko Tried out Win10 last week as well, buggy as hell, start menu jinks all the time. Also, is it just me or in both Win8, 8.1 and 10 they forgot to redesign the Preview Photo application?
7y, 23w 1 reply
Anatasof Wirapraja lol... i was waiting the new preview photo ui too!
7y, 23w reply
Mark Dain Ouch. Did BootCamp not give you the Thunderbolt to Ethernet driver? Can you download either driver on OS X and copy it over on a flash drive?
7y, 24w 1 reply
Anatasof Wirapraja I don't have the adapter not the driver. and even with the wifi driver installed, the wifi seems not working.
7y, 24w reply