Anatasof Wirapraja Apple is having its Microsoft moment?
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Mark Dain If you use Mavericks and then Yosemite the difference is as clear as day and night. Mavericks was one of the most stable OSes I've ever used -- on the same level for reliability as Linux! Yosemite, however, is worse than Windows Vista. I've had such a bad time using it that I'm considering switching to Linux or even Windows 10 (for work). The honesty is after multiple kernel panics and daily lockups of the system, I can't handle how bad it's gotten. I didn't want to admit it... Apple is where Microsoft was.
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Anatasof Wirapraja All you said is 100% true, i myself used OSX since 2007 and Mavericks was the best OSX ever launched. I've made a switch back to Mavericks as written on the article, once Apple released a new OS, the previous OS are no longer supported (i.e. Mavericks can't use latest Keynote). Been thinking to switch to Linux but i've drowned deep enough to use Sketch which only built for OSX. Can't find (or maybe too lazy to find) any other easy to use and user friendly tools for designing on Linux. :(
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