Anatasof Wirapraja I have 2 Mailbox BetaCoins, anyone want them?
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Mark Myerson I've got one too, but can't get Mailbox to run.
9y, 34w 3 replies
Tyler Deitz Lol I'd like one! tylerdeitz at gmail
9y, 34w reply
Anatasof Wirapraja which step are you on? have you tried to drag and drop the token to the tin can?
9y, 34w 1 reply
Tyler Deitz I do! tylerdeitz at gmail
9y, 34w reply
🦿 Lucian Marin What is a BetaCoin?
9y, 34w 2 replies
Anatasof Wirapraja it's some token you need to get your mailboxapp for mac to run
9y, 34w 1 reply