Adam Douglas First, this is a tragic loss of human life, and shocking that a plane crashed in Europe of all places. Will be interesting to discover the cause. Secondly, I just landed in Lithuania to visit my partner's family. I just spent six hours convincing my partner that it's safe to fly, especially on an Airbus A320. We land to hear that the same kind of plane we flew on had crashed in the Alps. My partner will never trust me again.
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🦿 Lucian Marin Airplanes need modern blackboxes that record video inside the plane and outside of it, digital flight data, passengers status... not only analog cockpit voice and data like we have today. I think this alone will make flights a lot more safer. We will never know what happened to those 150 people before the impact. This is such a shame when we have access to really advanced technology these days.
Adam Douglas You make a really good point. I think it's generally absurd as well that in 2015 anybody caught on an ill-fated flight is simply doomed. That Hollande could say so bluntly that there would likely be no survivors is awful; why aren't there options in the event of a crash? A flight is lost at least once a year--is that not sufficient impetus to research and develop an effective means of escape?
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