Adam Douglas is abandonware already. I thought it was just my old phone being crappy, but then I remembered it was running Chrome. Now Safari on iOS has the same issue. Did this guy just give up on this daft app?
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Martijn I wish projects like these, that are not making money anyway, get open-sourced more often. At least people are wising up and starting to charge for even small projects.
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Mark Dain It's a pretty terrible idea, text is searchable and can be read by screen reading software, not to mention it's more flexible (you can override fonts, sizes, colors, etc...). Text should basically never be in an image.
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Adam Douglas Yep. It's awful. Probably why it has been abandoned already.
8y, 27w reply
Eric I didn't get it at first, I tried highlighting the text on the front-page which was instantly jarring. I wouldn't call it a terrible idea, just not a great one. Hell, at least he pushed something to release!
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