Adam Douglas Anybody want a Keybase invite? I have 5 to give away and I don't have friends who could make use of them.
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Mark Dain I'd ask for one but in my experience of cryptography (mostly Bitmessage) once everyone is on a secure connection they talk about what crypto is the strongest, how to defeat NSA, tips for privacy, so on... While I enjoy these discussions the increased privacy rarely leads to conversation that requires that level of privacy. I tend to find talking to people in person is the only way to yield that. I have similar observations to Moxie on this:
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Martijn What exactly does Keybase do, I have always wondered. I'm already a GPG user...
Adam Douglas Hell knows, ha. I shouldn't scoff, I'm sure it's very helpful for somw people. It's basically a Verified User badge for public keys, like those CoAs that celebrities get on Twitter. I just know it's in-demand and exclusive at the moment. Seems to me like the exclusivity of it is fuelling the aforementioned demand. I have little use for it.
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Kodo keybase is a tool for linking identities to other identities so you can verify that they are who they say they are. it's recently branched out into a messaging and storage app
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Adam Douglas got an email address? or if you prefer you can email me-- adam.douglas {at}