Adam Douglas Turing: film after 50 yrs. Jobs: film after 4 yrs. Hawking: film in his lifetime. Conclusion: the sooner you get a movie, the less brilliant you actually are. I mean seriously, what has Hawking done, besides be ill, take credit for something he accomplished with Roger Penrose (who always struck me as the actual brains behind their work), and popularise quantum mechanics for money? Steve Jobs at least imagined an operating system that respects typography and a phone that is a reasonable size (pre-iPhone 6).
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Dave Walk Haha, "imagined." I have a feeling over time Steve Jobs' legacy will fade away while others won't. He's getting a movie made now because many people are obsessed with Apple and the studio wants to make money. Will we even remember him in 50 years?
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Adam Douglas Well I don't credit him as an inventor or a developer. I just respect him for OS X's decent font-rendering. I don't say he's at all significant but I'd sooner respect him as a salesman capable of successfully hyping his overpriced products and creating an obsession for Apple based on nothing than I would respect Hawking as an alleged physicist. That goes for many "scientists" who are more concerned with popularising science than advancing it. Neither of them should be remembered in 50 years.
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🦿 Lucian Marin That means we won't see an Einstein movie for the next 50 years or so?
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