Adam Douglas This "digital nomad" stuff is all a bit too hip for me. I'm a bit of a loner at heart and I only own clothes and a Mac, but I can't say I feel a need to go globetrotting or living with *other* loners. This doesn't make sense to me. Airbnb seems like a useful thing but there are people who actually live in Airbnb leases without having a home of their own. Which is fine I suppose, but what kind of superstar do you have to be to just go dancing off around the world without the fear of not having work?
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Eric I always wondered how these people cope with the lack of regular friends to be near. I've not many and a bad habit of losing them but I would greatly miss them. I can imagine loneliness is a problem with nomad lifestyles.
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Adam Douglas I think it's a lifestyle for semi-psychopathic people who don't actually make friends, they're just friendly with everybody they meet. I don't personally bother with friends in real life with the exception of my colleagues at work; 90% of the friends I have and have had over the last decade have been forum regulars.
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John Olinda Too bad we're not rich enough to wander aimlessly.
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Adam Douglas Well this is the point, how are they this rich? Are they just born into exorbitant wealth or what?
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