Adam Douglas This terrorist attack is extraordinarily well-timed for the Conservatives, who were on the brink of meltdown hours before the attack took place. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but there's a real stink surrounding this whole election. There's no one to vote for. Liberal Democrats? Besides a reasonable tax increase (penny on the pound) I don't see them differing all that much from the incumbents. Labour wants to nationalise everything... big mistake. Sod it all. It's all nonsensical.
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Eric Please don't trivialise deaths of innocents. The threat of terror is very real. Conspiracies are fun but often inappropriate.
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☕ David Antoine That threat is real of course but to what extent are terrorist cells potentially backed and pushed into action by governments and/or intelligence agencies for political and srategic goals is always a question pulled under the rug by simply saying it's a stupid conspiracy, unfortunately. If f it is state terrorism, it is even more disgusting. I don't think it's a trivial subject and that doesn't prevent me to feel sad and be respectful for the families and those poor children, I hope so.
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Adam Douglas I didn't trivialise anybody's death. Kindly buzz off.
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Mark Dain So I didn't believe this last time it happened either -- but wasn't there a 'terrorist attack' recently during the middle of some Brexit talks? Fool me once...
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Adam Douglas Back in March. Some nutter tried to mow people down with a car and stabbed a police officer before being shot. Not sure about that one, didn't smell like bullshit to me at the time. But you never know...
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