Adam Douglas So good to be working with Perl again. There's something wrong with me. The terser the code, the nicer I find it to work with...
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🐞 Lucian Marin Same is true for me when I'm working with JavaScript. I always try to find the most compact representation. By the way, it seems I write the best code when I'm bored.
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Adam Douglas Me too, though I tend to work for people who need IE8 support so everything I write soon inflates thanks to my need to handle legacy situations. But generally speaking, compact is what I aim for--and I find a lot of JavaScript frameworks extremely unattractive because while they seem to be compact, they're actually behemoths because they make so many abstractions. While I can imagine these abstractions make JS sugary sweet for the rookie developer, all I see is slowness, and what d'ya know, when I visit a web app made with FrameworkX™️, it's hilariously slow on mobile compared to working with the bare DOM.
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