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I've been trying to read more lately... Any book suggestions? Give me something depressing
Gabriel Tallent - My Absolute Darling
Are you all using ?
I was looking for an RSS reader for a specific blog, and my first reaction was to search on subreply. So I saw your post and I just started using it. However I never used RSS feed before and I don't really what I could use fraidycat for, except for this particular blog.
So what's up this week?
Got a new sport watch. I will test it during swimming this evening but meanwhile I'm fascinated by the heart rate monitor.
Is adblock stealing? Do you use adblock? Why? Sure, advertisers don't have the right to your attention, but don't the content creators have the right to your financial support?
Agree with you. I've stopped using an adblocker, I pay for the press I read (which is a large part of my web consumption) and watch YouTube ads (even though I complain about it). Living in Europe I can generally disable cookies so I'm not concerned about privacy. I don't understand people who want a free *and* ad free web. I'm glad you started this thread but we are a minority.
Favorite text editor?
I've been using vscode for a while but not at even 20% of its potential I think.
How's everyone doing?
Just delivered a code project, hope that it will work properly. This is not the kind of work I usually do and it was a good experience! You?
As an engineer you quickly learn to appreciate how any dynamic system is just a series of energy connections. For example: any driver knows what the brake pedal does; a technician understands how it works, with the caliper pressing the pads against the disc; an engineer, however, understands that deceleration is nothing but a conversion of energy: from kinetic to heat. The car will lose velocity by the same rate as the brakes heat up. Power simply has to go somewhere.
As an engineer I'va always been confused about potential energies though.
What do you mean by main function? Is this a kind of game dev thing? I handle functions that are too complicated by refactoring such that a function does a single thing. If many things need to be done I write many functions.
More precisely this is a video processing thing but yeah, the idea is that it is based on an infinite loop. Inside that loop some processing happens, files are saved or passed to something, etc. All sorts of things that I would like to put in separate functions but at some point every action is nested inside some condition or for loop so I don't manage to write meaningful subfunctions. Then vscode complains about the high number of conditions inside this single function.
owning a domain is not the same as owning a server. unless your domain provider also provides you with some server space, you'll need somewhere to host and run your python application
Yes alright, thank you for the precision. I was indeed wondering how I could run the application remotely...
You could look into python anywhere, their free tier should let you run a short script once a day. They also support a very easy integration with flask. I'd recommend doing one of their tutorials if you're interested.
I already have a domain that I'd like to use so I don't think I need pythonanywhere.
Can you be a bit more specific? Do you want to have a web interface where the script gets ran on the server after the user clicks a button or submits a form, or do you want to make the script run in a browser?
I think the first option is more suitable but for learning purposes I'm interested in the second option as well.
Continuing on from 's thread: I started Mr. Robot back when it first came out. I *adored* the pilot, but didn't enjoy the rest of Season 1 as much. I never latched on to Season 2. Should I give it another shot?
I dropped during season 2, it was becoming too messy for me.
Three key elements of a Summer playlist: 1) Anything by the Beach Boys 2) Something with the word "Summer" in the title - Exhibit A would be Summer Breeze by The Isley Brothers 3) Reggae or reggaeton tracks; let me know if you agree! Perhaps share your favourite summer playlists?
It had been a long time since I last listened to Kokomo, thank you for bringing it up! Also I just started a Summer playlist.
I'm highly competitive too. I don't even let my children win. lol
Doesn't winning every time makes the board game boring?
I think I don't play (and win) enough for that to happen! Theoretically it might be true though.
I bought a birthday card for my dad, but forgot to bring it with me when I visited him, so I mailed the card after. Today he received the card and it 'blew him away' and 'left him speechless'.
Twice as more satisfaction in the end!