How to ensure this place will not become toxic, as some other social media platforms can be?
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No hashtags!
Don't feed the troll, rule number one. It's difficult to identify it i know
I think that in most of the cases the best behaviour is ignoring radical and harmful shouts and being an example of a good human being
You can delete replies to you, that should be good enough in most cases.
Really? That seems like a bad idea
For me it is some form of a censorship
Here's my unprovable theory: people that produce toxic content are not people that enjoy reading or writing. Keep the platform text-only and those people will naturally avoid it.
I really enjoy your theory.
What said
I was thinking about that since my beginning here. I hope that no-votes policy will not change
By being nice to each others. None of the original users of Sublevel/Subcafe had any problems on this platform up to its closure 2y ago. Since its rebirth, it seems it is finally getting a bit more of the attention it deserves. And inevitably, it comes w/ some of the new people directly accusing the platform of racism w/o knowing it never has been the case. How would they know? Even if they knew, they absolutely don't care anyway. Only time will tell how Subreply will evolve.
What are the racism accusations about?
Define toxic?
By being nice to each others!