🐵 Max I'm looking to build a web app to deploy a tiny python script I wrote. I have nearly 0 experience with web dev. At the moment I would like to implement it without using a framework like flask or django. I've heard of the websockets / asyncio packages, does anyone have references to guides or tutorials on this subject?
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😏 Yt L. You could look into python anywhere, their free tier should let you run a short script once a day. They also support a very easy integration with flask. I'd recommend doing one of their tutorials if you're interested.
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🐵 Max I already have a domain that I'd like to use so I don't think I need pythonanywhere.
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Jan Can you be a bit more specific? Do you want to have a web interface where the script gets ran on the server after the user clicks a button or submits a form, or do you want to make the script run in a browser?
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🐵 Max I think the first option is more suitable but for learning purposes I'm interested in the second option as well.
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