Paul Khris I am not sure how to reply yet, is there a button on here or anything else for that matter?
Mark Dain The "like" button is also hidden behind the reply link. But anyway, enough meta talk -- tell us about yourself!
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Paul Khris I am a Londoner so i got little to say..just joking. Searching out the 'social media' out of curiosity right now. Not in my twenties any more.
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Mark Dain So the only small social networks I know of are Sublevel, Ello ( ) and Gab ( ). I was on Ello right after launch, it seemed to be inhabited by designers and had no tech community so I soon closed my account having nobody to talk to. I'd say it's worth checking out regardless. Gab is (currently?) full of people who's Twitter accounts were closed in the recent wave of banning pro-Trump accounts so it's a bit politically charged right now (like the whole fucking internet).
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