🧔 Justin What do you think it is about human nature that causes the eternal September effect?
🌘 Alana erosion of community norms, due to an influx of new users faster than they can be integrated with the existing community
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🧔 Justin Is that everything? Why do people consider a platform good before those norms are established?
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🌘 Alana the platforms I consider good are all good because of the people, so probably that? maybe in combination with size? I think highly connected small networks significantly below Dunbar's number incentivize good communication due to repeated interaction. I don't think the platform matters as much as the people.
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💻 Akshit It might also have to do with the lack of toxicity and normalized opinions in the initial stages, making it easier for people to speak up because they don't have to fear the wrath of a hivemind
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