Ph.D. student at NYU studying software supply chain security | ~ 24 years old from United States
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Pretty good vibes over here. I'm cooking some 2am garlic bread and because my housemates are all asleep I don't have to share! plus they don't even get to enjoy the garlic smell so win win
Hahaha, there's no wrong time for garlic bread.
Going well. Trying to get new shoes. Mine are falling apart. Literally. But it's always hard to find shoes because I never know what to look for.
I know that feel all too well. I usually rely on friends to point me in a general direction and then pick something up hehe
I think 80-90 is doable for me on good days and easy texts as well. But I'm rarely writing lots of text and if so then only in short bursts (in a blog article for example) so I don't really see the bottleneck in typing speed.
Yesterday I stumbled over a typing competition in the US from 2010. The winner managed to type 163 words per minute on average! I'd be happy about half of that.
holy shit, i can sometimes hit something in the 90s if it's a good day really useful
Pretty good! I will be starting a new role in a few weeks or so :) how about yourself?
Neat! That's exciting! I'm doing pretty good too, things are slowly returning to normal.
Used to have a Dolce Gusto coffee pod machine, but those pods are an environmental nightmare so I switched back to my old filter coffee machine and it's great as ever.
I'm glad and appreciate that you stopped using the pods! At my workplace, we have a keurig machine, but a bunch of people started bringing their own reusable pods and filling them up with ground coffee. Hope!
Oh man, you really opened this Pandora's box. I thought it was an unspoken understanding on here to ignore Jerrod.
I actually agree with your points! The h-index also misses that often many people don't even read the papers they cite! Though I think the h-index should be replaced, it strikes me that it would be an interesting project to do an h-index for politicians, e.g. how many pieces of legislation have they contributed to which we're then subsequently used. It has all the same problems as a metric, but would be interesting nonetheless.
> The h-index also misses that often many people don't even read the papers they cite! That's just terrible science! As for politicians: I think you are right, it would definitely be very interesting to build out such a metric, while taking inspiration from the academic h-index. I imagine all the data is out there, so doing so could yield some interesting results. I'd be open to contributing and collaborating on something like that.
So what's up this week?
Nothing much, more of the same tbh. Some work, some classes...How about you?
It feels very Autumnal here in London; the leaves are changing colour and the temperature is quite cool. But this all means that hot chocolate is on the menu; we can layer up with scarves and hoodies; and we stay in and stream films!
Fall is my favourite time of the year, by far. Also the lead up to the holiday season! And for much the same reason you've mentioned haha
Well, Brazilians are also having a longer weekend (holiday on Monday). Everything spells out clearly 'relax' (which means you have to lazily accept being lazy).
Nice! Planned lazing around days are the best.
Academics have the h-index, which has been tremendously useful for quantifying impact. Something like the Lars Kestner's k-ratio but targeted at politicians seems like it would be similarly useful
I'm a student in a somewhat "practical" field of academia and my reading of the h-index is a little more cynical. It seems to me that often the people with higher h-indices have more papers (and they're of course often of very high quality) and they get cited by other papers, sometimes in a citation loop. But they aren't necessarily practical! They may not have a deployment, or often even code that isn't "gradware". I may be way wrong and I look forward to a counter view. :)
I usually do a lot of open source contribution anyways but yes, free shirts ftw!
For now just a simple Nextcloud with photo library, music samples and audio recording from jams, but I hope to have my own mail soon
Neat! I have a nextcloud instance myself but I drew the line at email because I didn't want to end up in spam all the time.
Oh good point. Yes I think you may be right. It would be great if Subreply server was also open-source. :)