What's your coffee making technique?
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Used to have a Dolce Gusto coffee pod machine, but those pods are an environmental nightmare so I switched back to my old filter coffee machine and it's great as ever.
I'm glad and appreciate that you stopped using the pods! At my workplace, we have a keurig machine, but a bunch of people started bringing their own reusable pods and filling them up with ground coffee. Hope!
Heat water. Put coffee in filter over thermos. Pour water. Wait a few minutes.
Using an Aeropress these days ever since I cracked the glass on my french press.
espresso machine: 20g double shot with steamed milk. Smooth and creamy please, no bubbles - keep the steam wand just below the surface, too deep and you're just warming it, too high and it will "roar" loudly and bubble up quickly. Pour over: 25g grounds with a small hole dug out of the center, add 75g water, wait 30 seconds, add 250g water. Swirl it around toward the end of the brew so you're left with a nice even bed of dry grinds.
Anything that uses a french press is super good. :)
I agree. No fuss, no fancy tools. Just the coffee and the water.
I crack open a nice cold can of Mtn Dew.
I use the 2018 Aeropress recipe winner. Invert Aeropress, 35g coarse grind coffee, add 150g water, stir and brew for 1m5s, invert again, press.
Yeah, I'm learning more about aeropress today from this thread. It seems to have its own very dedicated following.
I make drip coffee by hand with either a Chemex or Kalita Wave. That means I get speciality coffee beans, grind them myself, heat filtered water to ~90degC, rinse the filter and then slowly pour the water over the ground coffee. First letting it bloom for 30s, then going up to a 15x the water on grams that I used coffee in slow spiral movements. Best coffee ever.
I've got a French press. It's OK!
Interesting! I grind beans myself before using a traditional filter from back home. I plan to switch to a french press soon. :D
As a non-coffee drinker, while reading your description I had this feeling you were describing your Zen tea ritual where the tea was actually coffee. Nice!
Is it better than a french press? I've thought about getting a drip coffee maker.
I love aeropress. I get ground beans and add them to the aeropress's brewing chamber. Add water. Wait 2 minutes. "Press" and voila!
Interesting. I've never tried it / seen it being used around me. I should check if I know someone here who uses one.
I take a few scoops out of the bag, put it in the filter, and press 'brew'...but seriously, though, I love my french press. I should use it more often. What do you do?
Hahaha. I plan to get a french press soon. I currently make a "traditional" filter coffee, in quotes because I should explain it's from my part of India. I brought the filter along when I moved. en.wikipedia.org/w...