🚴🎸 Aditya What's your coffee making technique?
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Sijmen Used to have a Dolce Gusto coffee pod machine, but those pods are an environmental nightmare so I switched back to my old filter coffee machine and it's great as ever.
🚴🎸 Aditya I'm glad and appreciate that you stopped using the pods! At my workplace, we have a keurig machine, but a bunch of people started bringing their own reusable pods and filling them up with ground coffee. Hope!
Rsm Heat water. Put coffee in filter over thermos. Pour water. Wait a few minutes.
Allen Using an Aeropress these days ever since I cracked the glass on my french press.
🥝 Mr espresso machine: 20g double shot with steamed milk. Smooth and creamy please, no bubbles - keep the steam wand just below the surface, too deep and you're just warming it, too high and it will "roar" loudly and bubble up quickly. Pour over: 25g grounds with a small hole dug out of the center, add 75g water, wait 30 seconds, add 250g water. Swirl it around toward the end of the brew so you're left with a nice even bed of dry grinds.
⌨️ Joseph Anything that uses a french press is super good. :)
🧬 Thomas I agree. No fuss, no fancy tools. Just the coffee and the water.
😝 Tom I crack open a nice cold can of Mtn Dew.
Nick I use the 2018 Aeropress recipe winner. Invert Aeropress, 35g coarse grind coffee, add 150g water, stir and brew for 1m5s, invert again, press.
🚴🎸 Aditya Yeah, I'm learning more about aeropress today from this thread. It seems to have its own very dedicated following.
🧐 Nrmn I make drip coffee by hand with either a Chemex or Kalita Wave. That means I get speciality coffee beans, grind them myself, heat filtered water to ~90degC, rinse the filter and then slowly pour the water over the ground coffee. First letting it bloom for 30s, then going up to a 15x the water on grams that I used coffee in slow spiral movements. Best coffee ever.
Diva I've got a French press. It's OK!
🚴🎸 Aditya Interesting! I grind beans myself before using a traditional filter from back home. I plan to switch to a french press soon. :D
🗨🐒 Fui As a non-coffee drinker, while reading your description I had this feeling you were describing your Zen tea ritual where the tea was actually coffee. Nice!
⌨️ Joseph Is it better than a french press? I've thought about getting a drip coffee maker.
Miso I love aeropress. I get ground beans and add them to the aeropress's brewing chamber. Add water. Wait 2 minutes. "Press" and voila!
🚴🎸 Aditya Interesting. I've never tried it / seen it being used around me. I should check if I know someone here who uses one.
🤔✍️ David I take a few scoops out of the bag, put it in the filter, and press 'brew'...but seriously, though, I love my french press. I should use it more often. What do you do?
🚴🎸 Aditya Hahaha. I plan to get a french press soon. I currently make a "traditional" filter coffee, in quotes because I should explain it's from my part of India. I brought the filter along when I moved. en.wikipedia.org/w...