🚴 Aditya It's been a funny kind of week, but the end is nigh (I'm famously a drama queen)! For those of you based in the United States, what are you up to this long weekend? For the rest, what's this regular weekend looking like? :)
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🗨️ Fui Well, Brazilians are also having a longer weekend (holiday on Monday). Everything spells out clearly 'relax' (which means you have to lazily accept being lazy).
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Rsm Unless you have a home office and then you can still work a bunch of hours.
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🚴 Aditya Nice! Planned lazing around days are the best.
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Diva It feels very Autumnal here in London; the leaves are changing colour and the temperature is quite cool. But this all means that hot chocolate is on the menu; we can layer up with scarves and hoodies; and we stay in and stream films!
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🗨️ Fui The joys of cool (pun) weather!
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🚴 Aditya Fall is my favourite time of the year, by far. Also the lead up to the holiday season! And for much the same reason you've mentioned haha
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