🚴 Aditya It's moving day! Not looking forward to the move itself but excited for the new place.
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Diva Best wishes for the move!
1y, 42w 1 reply
🚴 Aditya Thank you!
1y, 41w reply
😏 Yt L. Think how relieved you'll feel when it's done! Exciting!
1y, 42w 3 replies
🚴 Aditya Yes! I'm there now. Very happy with the new place. Working on furnishing it now.
1y, 41w 2 replies
Miso that's awesome! super exciting times
1y, 42w 1 reply
🚴 Aditya Yes! I'm moving to a much nicer apartment, and in a nicer part of the city.
1y, 42w reply
Burensasub Good luck! Moving is never fun but the end result will be worth it!
1y, 42w 1 reply
🚴 Aditya Yep! Done it too many times already but this time is definitely going to be worth it.
1y, 42w reply