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Peepeth ( is so idealistic that you can't edit or delete anything from it. Developers are building all kinds of things in the name of freedom, but users aren't actually free.
It's because Bevan feels people should be held accountable for what they say. If you said something you didn't want everyone to see forever, you'd probably not post it there.
That was basically the concept, but in reality everyone was posting in the main channel. I was the only one creating new channels.
I would have tried making a channel. But since it's dead, I have no reason to try that now.
Sublevel has moved to and now it's called simply Sub. Even more services and experiments will come soon on the subdomains of while is going to expire next month.
Superthread could have been good. But with the lack of activity it never could have been good. It needed more promotion. :(
Missed the announcement about mail ceasing to be a free service :'(
Nothing. It's just my new avatar, white cross on a gray background.
Hey everyone, the site for my social network is up! You can sign up for updates and read about the mission.
Only if Apple wants to. They rejected Subcafe five times.
It was on the store before. all you have to do is reup it in iTunes Connect.
I'm really sorry for this whole mess. See the last update from . This is what I did, merged Superthread with Subcafe, but restored Sublevel content from Oct 23, 2017 backup.
Sublevel was restored from October 23, 2017 backup. Superthread is no more, Subcafe will be shut down too. Sorry for the whole mess. All the good stuff from Subcafe is now on Sublevel including the new design and square photos.
Apple removed telnet from High Sierra. I used it to connect to memcached. Apple is really going downhill. Should I get an average PC and install Linux?
Ouch. Just got an email that Crashplan is discontinuing their Home plans. That's gonna mess me up.
They do have a partnership with Carbonite to transfer your data over to them.
Twist ( is exactly how my project management app would have worked. My ideas aren't always unique, except maybe Sublevel.
That kinda looks like a forum app from the way it's built.
Hey! How's it going?
Nope, it's a US GBA. I got it from a military guy stationed there.
I've been getting into Zelda: A Link to the Past lately. I bought a GBA-SP from a guy in Korea and just never really got to play it much, but now that things are settling down a little I'm finally getting acquainted with the Zelda universe. I have to say the timelines for the whole series are completely mind-bending. But this particular game is pretty cool. They definitely don't hold your hand starting into the game.
What kind of delay are you using? I just logged in, saw a reply to one of my comments, and then I replied. Right after I sent my reply, I got an email saying someone replied to my comment.