☕ David Antoine Sublevel's back?! Seems that Superthread as kinda merged with Subcafe... Apparently last month activity/threads is/are missing also... , shouldn't you take what's best in Superthread and Subcafe and get back to a "unique" Sublevel social network? Interesting experiments, though it may bother some people...
👽 Lucian Marin I'm really sorry for this whole mess. See the last update from . This is what I did, merged Superthread with Subcafe, but restored Sublevel content from Oct 23, 2017 backup.
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🐹 Adam Minccino will the iOS app return?
4y, 45w 2 replies
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👽 Lucian Marin Only if Apple wants to. They rejected Subcafe five times.
4y, 45w 1 reply
🐹 Adam Minccino It was on the store before. all you have to do is reup it in iTunes Connect.
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