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I just recently found a job through Linkedin. Angellist was a bust. i didn't really try on stackoverflow. was it easy to find companies by location?
It was pretty easy, at least in Berlin. I set up alerts for jobs matching my profile and I tried to be among the first few applicants.
LinkedIn initially rejected two bug reports from me. The first was fixed. For the second one they just deleted a post I couldn't access when logged in. Now I want to build an alternative. Every account can have a resume, post jobs, share stuff with mentions and private messages.
I've always hated Linkedin. It feels bloated and spammy. Angellist and StackOverflow have been much more convenient to find companies that are a good fit for me and vice versa. Looking forward to see what you come up with. Good luck!
Yes, there is a tipping somewhere in social discourse from book-club -> peers-conference -> concert --> mob. There is diversity and low echo-chamber effect here and that's appreciated.
"Diversity and low echo-chamber effect" - that really describes this community. Almost seems impossible for the two to exist together, and yet here we are.
Text alone can convey the message its all you need. I like this place everyone seems nice and chill
I think that's what I like the most about Subreply. It doesn't have shortcuts. For example, if this were on Reddit, I would've probably just upvoted your reply and moved on. The fact that the only way to convey anything is using words compels you to give the subject proper thought.
In Berlin, summer came suddenly back. Weather is strange this year.
I'm glad! Today was nice and sunny. I hope it stays like this in the coming weeks.
You're right on both accounts. Whatever personality this has is just the sum of all the people active here. So, if subreply's is the way it is because individually we're cool, level-headed people. And yes, if this grew exponentially, with it coming new and more conflict-seeking people, subreply's personality would change accordingly. The world is messy, and the more of the messy world you have in one place, the noisier it gets. Past a certain point it's just deafning.
That is so true! I really hope it stays this way, and it seems that it will as long as this place remains clear of photos, stories, memes and all the clutter other platforms have.
2020 will definitely stand out in our collective memories as the most bizarre year of our lives. On the rare occasions I went back to some of the places where I used to hang out I was overcome by this eery strangeness of no longer belonging there. So yes, there's a surreal quality to all that is happening. We were all abruptly forced to cut ties with the real to inhabit the hyperreal of our digital simulacra. So where are we really?
Indeed. I saw a snippet from America's Got Talent a few days ago (hate that show - it just popped up on my feed), and instead of a live audience, they had a huge wall of screens with people connected remotely. It looked like a scene from a Black Mirror episode.
Went back into the office for the first time since mid-March. It was surreal. I miss having double computer monitors but other than that I don't miss the place
I went to my workplace the other day and had similar feelings about it. I don't like seeing it deserted, and it's not going to be the way it used to be at least in the foreseeable future . I guess remote work is the new normal now. Not complaining though; I've managed to find my rhythm.
Is this in Berlin? I hope you're distanced from them. I've heard people (somewhat) assume that Europeans are taking this more seriously... :\
Fellow Berliner. A few months ago someone spray-painted "Bill Gates created Corona" on my apartment building. There are all kinds of people everywhere. :/
BoC is fantastic. You might want to check out Yair Etziony as well.
Sure will. Thank you!
Dayvan Cowboy is one of my favorite BoC songs! I recommend the Hi Scores EP (especially "Everything You Do is a Balloon") and their Music Has the Right to Children album. Currently in the process of listening to their Geogaddi album for the first time so I'll have to get back to you on that one but many consider it their best work.
Started with Hi Scores. Already loving it. Thanks!
I listen to all kinds of music. Lately though, I have gotten into lofi hip hop and lofi jazz. I also really like music by Boards of Canada (their music is electronic/ambient)
I'm only beginning to explore Boards of Canada. Love them so far! I really like Dayvan Cowboy and Chromakey Dreamcoat. Would love to hear your recommendations!
What kind of music do you listen to? What genre?
My favourite artists include Radiohead, Beach House, Belle & Sebastian and Bon Iver. I also listen to a lot of classical stuff, and jazz. Lately I've been digging more electronic/synth stuff like Aphex Twin and Suzanne Ciani.
I miss going to the cinema so much. It was always so much more than just going to see a film. I would have a meal and a drink, either before or after; I'd read and listen to reviews; I'd carefully choose which films to see. I'm still not sure when I'll have my next cinema outing...
I've been to open air cinemas a couple times this season. They've been taking precautions - the chairs are placed 2 m apart and we're obliged to wear masks. But if the situation is too bad in the region, I'd avoid that too.
What tv shows are you watching? I'm watching Handmaid's Tale, Mr. Robot, Westworld and Dark.
I'm rewatching the first two seasons of Twin Peaks before I move on to season 3 (which I haven't watched yet). I love Dark and Westworld!
An early night is required! I say this every night, then I check all my social media networks; watch the 10pm news; get upset by the news; chat to my friends about the news and then it is midnight.. I'm not alone in this, am I?!
I gave up on sleeping early. I felt the idea just gave me more stress than anything, especially now that I'm working from home. I tend to sleep whenever I feel sleepy. Sometimes it's 1 am, sometimes it's 10 pm. Last night I slept at 9 pm, and here I am - browsing Subreply at 3:30 am. :D