It will soon be the last day of July, and while I'm looking forward to a new month, it is also quite clear that we're in the same old nightmare: Covid-19 has not gone away and it looks like the second wave of the pandemic is on its way.
I try to keep myself positive. We'll (hopefully) come out of this situation with some good lessons for the future. I'm glad I can finally find enough time for things I always wanted to do. I've also been talking to people a lot, and I've reconnected with some really old friends during this period. It's a good time to slow down a little and pay attention to the people and things you love. Take care and stay safe! We're in this together.
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What a great message! I sincerely hope that we all learn a lot from this: I guess I am hoping that political leaders, at all levels, will have a re-think about domestic and international policies. I am glad to hear that there have been good things for you.