I just realized that I haven't been on Twitter in a while...and I don't miss it one bit!
I've always found Twitter to be very toxic. My feed is mostly people pointlessly arguing. Perhaps I'm using it the wrong way and I need to fine-tune it, but yeah, IMO being away from Twitter is probably better than being on it.
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I try to follow only people that post thoughtful content but then I get tweets from people they follow which can be really negative. Also, there's the "trending" page which is easy to get sucked into. Maybe tighter controls would help but Twitter doesn't make it easy.
True. Twitter thrives on the current polarisation in politics. Some people are emboldened to be rude with anyone who does not share their views.
Yes, there is a great deal of polarisation there. But there are often small nuggets of pure content, hilarious threads and pics of cute dogs. Stay away from the toxicity (but I know you know this...)