Adsr I like how wholesome this community is. I haven't seen any trolls or anything even close to those Twitter flame-wars. I've always felt that every social media platform has its own personality, and I really love Subreply's. Or perhaps it's because there's only a handful of people here and a social network is doomed to be toxic as it gains popularity.
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😃 Javier Yes, there is a tipping somewhere in social discourse from book-club -> peers-conference -> concert --> mob. There is diversity and low echo-chamber effect here and that's appreciated.
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Adsr "Diversity and low echo-chamber effect" - that really describes this community. Almost seems impossible for the two to exist together, and yet here we are.
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Anon T. Text alone can convey the message its all you need. I like this place everyone seems nice and chill
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Adsr I think that's what I like the most about Subreply. It doesn't have shortcuts. For example, if this were on Reddit, I would've probably just upvoted your reply and moved on. The fact that the only way to convey anything is using words compels you to give the subject proper thought.
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🗨️ Fui You're right on both accounts. Whatever personality this has is just the sum of all the people active here. So, if subreply's is the way it is because individually we're cool, level-headed people. And yes, if this grew exponentially, with it coming new and more conflict-seeking people, subreply's personality would change accordingly. The world is messy, and the more of the messy world you have in one place, the noisier it gets. Past a certain point it's just deafning.
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Adsr That is so true! I really hope it stays this way, and it seems that it will as long as this place remains clear of photos, stories, memes and all the clutter other platforms have.
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