Software developer at a german university. Likes rationality.
~ 37 years old in Germany
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Emoji can be converted to plain text then back to emoji. See for all 🔥 shortcodes.
:thumbsup: 👍 (missing, though. Doh!) ;)
I composed this piano music yesterday:
👍 🎹 hm no emoji support? :(
I'm streaming some programming on Twitch
👍 Damn, missed it. Gamer-style setup, I see.
SSL certificates for and updated themselves on the first day of 2021. certbot renew --renew-hook "systemctl reload nginx" really works with sudo crontab -e.
`sudo crontab -e` -> Why the elevated priviliege? Should the certbot not run as a non-admin user for better security?
Couldn't agree more, we really don't need more speed. I'd happy with better customisation options.
We need more speed. My iPhone SE 2020 scrolls more smoothly then my Intel Xeon, Nvidia 1080. Single core performance is only 10% better in the smartphone, but somehow the mobile system feels faster. A 15+ years old Mac with OS 9 is faster when typing input than an Intel MacBook Air with OS X was shown in recent benchmarks. "UI always scales to make any CPU underpowered" is a postulated law of computer engineering. Some people buying a MS Surface (7th gen) report bad perf, too
If care about weight, have you considered font-family:sans-serif? It's even lighter at 0 KB. ;)
Doesn't that cause concrete pixel width to fluctuate based on the auto-selected font? Could thereby cause hard to spot layout errors.
interesting, do you think the iphone 12 won't have touchID? I think the ipad air having touch ID means the new iphone will too.
My work phone has android and a fingerprint sensor in the screen. Any old iPhones unlocks faster, though. I would hope for Apple's screen reader to be fast and reliable, no matter when it arrives. Often, new Apple products are at first worse than old ones.