C4nn4r Just woke up after a horrible night of flu-filled agony, I swear October - December is out to get me. I'm never not ill this time of the year. What are you guys up to anyway? I'm just sitting around messing around with various things. Also - A question for , as I have no idea how to check myself, how many people are currently signed up on Sublevel? I'm curious.
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🙄 Doug Belshaw Do you get a flu shot? If not, might be worth considering.
9y, 27w 3 replies
C4nn4r Can't say I have, I have an immense phobia of needles/injections.
9y, 27w 2 replies
Martijn I spent my morning on the search engines looking for a way to install Myst 4 on a modern Mac OS machine. ('Also' - I'm user 356, if the old RSS bug /re/9017 is anything to go by, and I signed up 4 months ago. Of course the Ello thing brought loads of new users but I doubt there are thousands.)
9y, 27w 2 replies
C4nn4r Wasn't Myst that atmospheric 3D point and click game? I vaguely remember playing it a good few years ago, I loved just looking around at the environment.
9y, 27w 1 reply