C4nn4r So far this place is looking pretty good, however, I am sceptical as to whether or not it will catch on with today's crowd as many people seem to have very little to no concentration, and seem incapable of reading more than 200 characters of text. I love the text-only look this place has going for it as well, it's incredibly refreshing, and unique.
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Martijn To me the real question is more about how much of "today's crowd" Sublevel really wants to "catch". A lot of the blog posts I have read from people who are disappointed with where Twitter is going mention how the fun and tight community in its early days made it such a pleasant place on the internet. If has no plans of selling Sublevel or raising huge amounts of funding, why would he even want to attract millions of users? Why would we, the users, want to attract millions of users?
🏒 Lucian Marin I designed and built Sublevel with eight billions people in mind.
C4nn4r Honestly, I could not agree more with this.
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9y, 8w reply
🏒 Lucian Marin Sublevel truncates messages larger than 255~275 characters so they can be easily accessible. If someone's post looks interesting you open it up and read it fully. I doubt people are capable of reading only very short messages.
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Bas Poppink I agree on the refreshing bit. But sites like Medium are an indication that there's more than a little interest in long form copy that's actually interesting, as opposed to your run-of-the-mill clickbait list. Also I appreciate the fact that Sublevel's structure seems to trigger replies. Communication between people instead of random postings.
Eric The content on Medium is mostly uninteresting drivel which is written as if its a life changing thing to read. The look & feel of the articles might seem high quality but the actual flesh is rarely anything special.